Saturday, May 24, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong

In regards to my last post: don't get me wrong--I have a fabulous life.  I have a great husband who loves me, fantastic kids... I just don't have any outside interests at the moment.  So, it's not that I don't have a life, it just isn't as multi-faceted as I might like it to be right now.

The other day, Bud had a complete brain freeze type of moment that was hilarious.  We have multiple instruments around the house and Bud easily knows the names of them all, but for some reason he couldn't think of one when he needed it.  Rophone plays the drums, but also dabbles a bit with the guitar, so guitar picks can sometimes be found laying around.  Bud noticed that Rophone had emptied a few picks out of his pockets onto the bathroom counter and said, "Hey! There are some clips for Daddy's drumtar!"  Not only is he creating new medical specialties, but a new instrument, too.

In other news, Big has swapped his toilet seat addiction for a ball addiction (thank goodness!).  I hear the word "ball" about a thousand times a day, but it is much better than worrying about what he might be sucking on.

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LisaFisa said...

Oh, I hear you about not having any outside interests. I think it is by nature difficult for us moms to take some "selfish time" for just us. (I loved Elder Ballard's talk last Gen Conf addressing some of this. For some reason, its not a problem for men (both Rophone & Foo have NO PROBLEM scheduling their band interests). So funny about Big's toilet teething ring fetish. Glad it's going by the wayside. Interesting "talk" you had with the girls. I'm glad you did it though, I think my mom just left that up to the school to do. . .