Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Toe Curse

I have been feeling kind of bad for Pen the past few months, what with the toe curse and all. About 3 or 4 months ago, Bud began to open the bathroom door while Pen was in residence. Strongly desiring her privacy, Pen slammed the door shut on Bud with no concern for the consequences.  Unfortunately, the door caught Bud's big toenail and lifted it from the nail bed (those of you who have heard Bud's high-pitched scream know what then ensued).  

Almost immediately after Bud's injury Pen started having trouble with her own toes.  It seemed she was stubbing them, getting them stepped on and dropping things on them left and right (Just this morning, in fact, she dropped a full water bottle on her toe and split the nail). Sadly, Rophone and I had to break the news to Pen that she had been afflicted with "The Toe Curse". We had to tell her that she will suffer from the curse until Bud's injured nail falls off.  Too bad for Pen that Bud's toenails grow so slowly.  Maybe next time she'll think twice before acting out in anger. 

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