Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Mom, I Got a Wack!"

This morning when I was buckling the boys in their car seats, I was having trouble getting Bud buckled in because he was sitting so crookedly.  I asked him why he wasn't sitting straight and he said, "I'm just sitting on my crapper!"  I started to laugh and asked Bud who told him his bottom was called a "crapper".  He looked at me with confusion and pointed to the buckle under his bum and told me he meant that crapper. 

While I was cleaning some wax out of Big's ears today, I was reminded of something funny that Ginger used to say when she was 2.  When I would clean her ears I would tell her I was getting the wax out, so she started sticking her fingers in her ears and when they came out with something she would say, "Mom, I got a wack!" Apparently she thought that I was finding more than one--many wacks.

I can't believe that Big's birthday is the day after tomorrow!  He will be a "big" one year old! Hopefully I'll get some good pictures. 

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Pete Pages said...

I just tagged you so check out my blog if you want to participate...and happy birthday eve to Big.