Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Cousins

Today, my older brother and his wife (we'll call them Bill and Jewel) came for a visit with 3 of their 4 kids. We will see them next week at the family reunion, but it was nice for the kids to get reacquainted a little bit ahead of time. Jewel decided to have me take pictures of their kids this year in lieu of doing school photos (my first gig!). I posted a few on here, but considering I took about 150 shots, I can't be sure I'm posting the best of the lot. Hopefully they will be able to find some they like. 

Here is Rico, he's almost 15:

Look at the dimples on Rib II --he's eleven:

Miss Pea (age 4) really didn't want to have her picture taken. I told her that I thought I had a unicorn horn growing out of my head-- "can you see it?"  Here she is checking to see if it's true:

Still not so sure Aunt Laundry Queen is telling the truth:

I told Miss Pea that she needed to smile to make it grow so she could see it better. Luckily, Pen stood behind me and helped me grow a horn bit by bit as Miss Pea smiled (Clever Pen--thanks for making me less of a liar!):


Anonymous said...

Love their nicknames! Think the boys would have looked cuter with their (long) non-summer haircuts, though, especially the dimply guy. He had just the perfect feathered wings, and having long bangs made his dimples stand out.

Lisa Marie said...

You're so creative. I wish ideas like that would pop into (or in this case, "out of") my head like that. You ended up with some super cute pics, especially the second one....