Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fitness Frustration

About a month ago I finally started working out on a regular basis again. I am really excited about the results I am starting to see. I have been trying to work both my upper and lower body, and I've been trying to mix up my workouts so I avoid developing "postman's syndrome". I am doing old school Nordic Track, jumping rope, Core Secrets, and I'm about to start doing Tae Bo. Or, I was, I should say.

I went to the doctor yesterday because I have been experiencing pain in my chest and left arm (no, it's not a heart attack!). It ends up that the pain in my chest is a muscle strain (probably from carrying Big around, trying to keep him from getting away, etc.), and the pain in my arm is an ulnar nerve issue from doing repetitive movements with my arm.  The doctor told me to take it easy for a few weeks and cease doing the activities that are causing my problems (and take lots of ibuprofen).

(So, sorry Big! Looks like you're on your own. I know you can't walk yet, but I can't pick you up anymore. You'll get used to the gravel digging into your knees!) Seriously, though, my whole workout routine is out the window! ALL of the workouts I have been doing have repetitive arm movements! Is there any upper body workout that doesn't contain them?! What about blogging?! Is that too much of a repetitive arm movement, too?

I had this same nerve problem a few years ago (I did Nordic Track and jumped rope back then, too--because they work!), but I don't know that it has ever gotten completely better. If it doesn't resolve then the doctor said surgery might be in order.  Nice! 


Bob & Peg said...

Which arm? You can always have one arm be the DOMINATOR, you can still have buns and abs by Billy Blanks, thighs by Suzanne Summers, etc. Keep up the good work! Hello to the fam!

Anonymous said...

Is the pain sharp under your collarbone sometimes? I have had the pain off and on for the last several years, and when I went to the doctor (when Newton was small) I was diagnosed with bursitis. She had me take ibuprofen and do half-hour on and half-hour off with an ice pack, and it did eventually go away. I didn't have trouble with it for a few years, until I started lugging *two* kids around regularly.

Pete Pages said...

Sorry...that's a bummer. I would just start biking or walking and not worry about about specifically working on your upper body. I hope it is an "easy" fix and doesn't become too serious.