Monday, November 17, 2008

Booger Farmers

I have a couple of children who have decided that blowing their nose is NOT something they want to do (even though they are old enough that they, most certainly, should have figured out how nice it can be to occasionally clear the pipes). 

Instead, they sniff, snort and snuff the snot back up over and over and over.... With the colds that we all have right now, my house sounds rather like I have some kind of nasal chorus living in residence. It's enough to drive one a little batty.

A person is unable to sniff it all up indefinitely of course, so said children who refuse to blow end up with a sort of dried booger "dam" at the bottom of each nostril for all to enjoy (fabulous to look at during meals, I tell you!). 

I have begun referring to these children of mine as booger farmers (you can tell I truly love them, if I'm willing to claim ownership of them in this state!). Maybe it means I'm a bad mom, because they surely don't like it, but that is what they are-- only willing to "harvest" that which grows at the end of their nose by wiping with a tissue (and then, seemingly, only once a season after great urging!).  

Until they see the light and change their ways.... booger farmers they shall be!


Mister said...

Beats letting them partaking of the fruits of their harvest...

With Thing 2 he's readily accepted having his nose wiped, but we've always splurged for the lotion tissues.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure whether booger mining (a la my two boys--Cindy Lou hasn't picked it up yet) is worse. At least if they remember to do it in private I am not confronted with the fruits of their labors. The worst is when the Wizard is rolling something between his fingertips, and I just KNOW what it is.

The Laundry Queen said...

mister-- it's acceptable that Thing 2 only does the wipe (at least he does that!), I mean, he's still at a young age! See, my problem is when I have an older child (who shall remain nameless, but who's name and age rhyme with hen) who not only won't blow, but VERY rarely wipes! So, the booger "dam" or "crop" at the end of her nose just grows and grows.... gross! How can a child become so concerned about hair, make-up and clothing and such, but still not want to shower or wipe boogers off their nose?! What a weird age! I'm sure I was nothing like that! ; )