Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Canker Queen

If you have trouble referring to me as The Laundry Queen (either because you know how miserably I do my laundry-- often not even trying to get stains out, or because you feel you should be the true holder of the title of Laundry Queen or King), I have a new name by which you can call me if you so desire. You can start calling me The Canker Queen. Of this, I know I am queen!

I developed a few canker sores in my mouth after the last cold I experienced. Not an uncommon experience for me, until they started to spread. I now have them down my throat too! Not super comfortable, I'm here to tell you. 

Apparently, according to my doctor, the fact that I ate some Halloween candy allowed them to spread. Nice! I didn't even eat very much candy, but since I normally don't really eat sweets at all... well, welcome to Canker City!

I am supposed to perform 4 songs in a week and a half, but having these cankers is putting a bit of a crimp in my practice plans. I hope they go away in time!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like if the sugar exacerbated it, it's fungal in nature. I recommend gargling with the original brown nasty Listerine (the herbal extracts are reputed to have antifungal properties, and all the alcohol doesn't hurt), and eating lots of yogurt.

Hope it gets better soon! I had a bad string of canker sores junior year of high school, which led to my "friends" calling me Trenchmouth for a while. A couple of them even signed my yearbook to that name. Nice.

Jen said...

Oh my! What a pain in the neck! Bwa ha ha ha ha (I have no idea why I feel compelled to make light of your sad situation, it is late though.)

The Laundry Queen said...

It seems that my cankers may be hormonal in nature-- just one more reason to love those hormones! I got them last month along with my favorite monthly visitor, and they seem to be recurring again this month. Talk about an unwelcome guest! Yay.