Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not Enough Brain Power

A mother has incredible brain power... when it comes to their kids. Our ability to remember where we last saw the other shoe, use the eyes in the back of our heads and to know that the faint noise we hear coming from the other room spells trouble is uncanny.

In other areas of my life, however, my brain has huge gaping holes that ooze information at a rapid rate. Rophone gets driven nuts by me asking, "Did I already ask you that?", or by the fact that yes, I have asked him-- 5 times already!! Sometimes I even think I asked him something, but I really only thought of asking him, so it was, in my swiss cheese mind, already taken care of. 

Anyway, I have recently joined in on this facebook thing. Rophone wanted me to check it out to see if it would be a good networking tool for him to use for his mastering work. Now that I'm there, I question my ability to do both facebook and this blog. There's just not enough brain power in this head of mine!

Or, maybe, I'm just in a natural lull, so the fact that I can't come up with anything fantastic or funny for my blog will pass. Hopefully it's not that seeing what all of these creative and smart people are up to is making me wonder if what I have to contribute is as great.

It's probably just because I have a cold. Right?


Jen said...

Totally blame it on the cold, I would. Facebook is just to have fun and waste time you don't have, by the way. You search for your friends and then you throw sheep at them. There's not much more to it, unless you want to post a few photos here and there. I'll have to go find you so I can be your friend.

Mister said...

Have to agree with the comments on Facebook. It's not too bad for discovering old friends, but wouldn't recommend it for a professional networking site.

t0moo said...

For professional networking, have Rophone try LinkedIn. I'm not sure how many music/audio types are in there, but for engineering/business, it's pretty big.