Friday, November 14, 2008

Peanut Butter Smile

I was reminded today of one of the reasons I love having young kids. They help me be aware of the little things. The things that I often fail to even notice. Without my children to help me stop (or at least pause!) to look at the fun and exciting things around me, my life would be such a BORE! I would miss out on sooo much!

Anyway, Bud pointed out to me this morning, after I finished making lunches for the girls, that our peanut butter has a smiley face (I think it kind of looks like a Gremlin from that great '80s movie). I never would have noticed! Not in a million years (maybe partially because I'm not the right height). 

Bud wouldn't let me take his picture today, but here he is making Big smile:

Even with a boogy nose and food on his face, Big still makes my heart melt!

My kids can make me feel frustrated, sad, ignored, and even angry. But, they also bring me more happiness and joy than I ever imagined! They make my life exciting and help me have fun. Thanks kids!


Klayman said...

Hi Laundry. Mmmmm peanut butter. I can not find a single jar of it here in Poland.

The Laundry Queen said...

I'd send you a jar or twenty if I thought that you'd receive them with enough time to enjoy the glory that is peanut butter before you head home.

Jen said...

I love the smiley -- it would go well with the picture of the smiley face my kids found in the foam of the 2 liter bottle of root beer. Somebody has a picture of it on their cell phone.