Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Morning, In Pictures

This morning was a bit bi-polar. We went from this...

and even this...

to THIS...

and back to this:

Over and over again! Talk about exhausting! By 9:30 in the morning I was ready for the day to be over-- it most certainly felt like it should have been!

In between tantrums, Big found time to entertain me a little. Here he is showing me his tongue:

Playing with is double chin:

Here, Big is slapping his mouth while yelling to make a "cowboy" noise (let me explain-- in my family growing up, you yelled a high pitched "oooh", while slapping your mouth quickly, to make the "indian" noise, and the "cowboy" noise was made by yelling a lower pitched "aahhh" and slapping at a slightly slower pace. Who knows how we came up with it, but that's how it's done):

I am happy to report that Big is now napping, and Bud is watching Sesame Street, so I'm getting a bit of a breather. Hopefully it will be enough to rejuvenate and recharge me for the afternoon. A walk when Big wakes up will surely make everything all better, right?! 


Jen said...

The things you learn about on blogs are amazing -- we will have to implement the cowboy noise from now on. It's too bad my boys didn't know about it before they decided to all be cowboys on Halloween.

And as a side note, that bi-polar morning of yours, has been me this week. My poor kids don't know what to think!

Klayman said...

Loved the pics, as usual. and I finally realized who Big has been reminding me of since seeing him on the blog... Buda. Especially in the first photo. He has this serene, all knowing, yet happy gaze (most of the time). The chubby cheeks and double chin doesn't hurt either.