Monday, November 24, 2008

Mork Can Count!

I am not trying to brag with this post, but since this blog is meant to be a journal of sorts for me (and I have a terrible memory these days) I figured I'd better make note. It seems that Big can count to 13! 

I often count with him while I change his diaper as a distraction technique... and I guess it stuck! I held his finger this morning and helped him count 3 bees in a book and he just kept going all the way to 10. I was rather dumbstruck.

Then, later, while changing Big's diaper we counted to 10 together a few times (he seems to skip 8 for some reason), and when we were done he said, "Next... leven, felve, dirteen..."! Wow! (We counted a little further together, too, just because I love to hear how he mis-pronounces the numbers.)

I think I'll definitely keep up the counting! It seems to work to keep him occupied during diaper changes, which is always helpful since he's started doing the "Mork". Do any of you remember the "Mork and MIndy" episode where Mork gets frozen or something, so when he goes to sit on the couch his body doesn't bend and he's held up stiffly only by the backs of his legs and shoulders where they touch the couch?

Anyway, Big has started doing that during diaper changes, so the only way to get the diaper underneath him is to roll him sideways and then back. Makes things a bit tricky! He thinks he's pretty funny, you can tell. Counting makes him forget to do it. Yay for counting!


PhatNat said...

I think that's one of the benefits of being a younger sibling, I am told. That and being able to take a punch!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll be a math whiz like Newton! Have you taught him to say he's "one and a half" yet?

The Laundry Queen said...

Of course he CAN say he's one and a half-- he just DOESN'T! He still says he's eight, although a lot of times now when I ask him how old he is he just says, "OLD" with great emphasis. Like he's very old. He's funny.