Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Headin' Out

We're headin' to Arizona in the morning for Thanksgiving. Rophone had to teach his class tonight, so that left me seriously outnumbered as I set about trying to clean, pack and bathe kids. The kids seem to sense the power advantage has shifted the minute he walks out the door, so things went south fairly quickly.

The girls both had playdates over here this afternoon (what was I thinking?!) so, of course, snacks were refused by all as there was too much fun to be had. That meant that as dinner time approached the melt downs began to occur. Not a stellar 30 minutes, if I do say so myself!

During dinner, the 3 older kids seemed to perk up a bit, although Big just threw all his food at the window (which reminds me, I'd better go wipe it down!). I think he liked the way the cheese stuck for just a moment before falling to the floor. Lovely.

Luckily, Rophone bathed the boys before he left and I was able to threaten the girls successfully enough to get them taken care of, too. (yes, I said threaten-- sometimes it's the only tool that works!) Quite frankly, I was having one of those evenings where I was just lucky to be keeping my cool (generally) and to be keeping the kids under control (barely).

Not much trip preparation was being done, that's for sure. Until a glorious thing occurred. They began to play together-- NICELY! Wow! Hide and Seek is now my favorite game in the entire world! The best part was that they let Big take turns being "it" (and hid extra fast since he can only count to 10).

I only got a few hours of sleep last night-- was up with Big 6 times or so, with Bud 3. (I've really got to figure out a way to keep them warm! Their rooms are like ice!) So, if this post is a little boring/haphazard/can't think of another word because I'm too tired.... that would be why. I am determined to get a little more sleep tonight, so I'd better get back at it. 

I'm sure I'll have stuff to post about when we get back and lots of pictures to share. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you'll be able to go after all. Hope everything goes smoothly!

Klayman said...

I am so jealous of your sunny Thanksgiving in my home state. I can't even find a turkey in this crazy country. Have fun down there.

Babs said...

I can just picture these adventures, especially the food being thrown at the window. I really hope you're enjoying a peaceful, quiet and happy Thanksgiving.

Peg said...

You make me laugh. Hope you had a great trip!

Lisa Marie said...

"playing together nicely" is hard to come by in our house, too. when it does happen, i try to avoid any sudden movements and resign myself to sitting motionless and enjoying the moment....