Thursday, November 13, 2008

Purple Inside

I was letting Big color while seated in his high chair when I realized I needed to use the restroom. I looked at Big, and he was doing such a good job that I decided he would be fine. I got back just in time to find him swallowing the last of a rather large bite of purple crayon! (thank goodness they're non-toxic!)

He's not my first child to take a bite, but it got me thinking about the differences in my kids. It's not that I haven't told Big before..."Crayons are not for eating, Big" or "Crayons do not go in your mouth, Big".  But, he seems to be one of those kids who has to find out for himself whether crayons are for eating or not (for the record, when I asked him how the crayon tasted, he said, "good". When I said "Really?!", he said, "No... yucky").

I have a couple of kids who took my word for it not to eat the crayons, play doh, glue, etc. And I have a couple who have to try it out before they figure it out. I should make note of this before the teenage years come along.


Lisa Marie said...

Alex is DEFINITELY a crayon eater, too. In fact, she's a crayon, blanket, fleece lining of her jacket, anything-I-can-find-laying-around eater. I can't take my eyes off that one!

Jen said...

Gid is more of a stick the crayon in your brother's ear and see what happens kind of kid -- the experimenter gone crazy! It is funny to see how those same characteristics manifest in them as teenagers.