Sunday, November 9, 2008

New 'Do Needed (apparently)

Apparently, Big is in need of a new hairdo. My sister, Martha, has informed me that Big has a tall head, and his current hairstyle only serves to accentuate that fact, so she said he needs a different cut.

So, here are a few styles up for consideration-- let me know what you think.

"The 90210":

"The Businessman":

"The Horseshoe-head":

"The Bozo":

Or, I guess we could just go with "The Caveman" (as modeled by Martha's son, The Wizard):

Clearly, "The Caveman" is a sophisticated 'do. I'm not sure that Big could pull it off with as much aplomb as The Wizard does here. But, since my sister has such good taste in cuts for kids, I'd better follow her advice. Send in your votes!


Klayman said...

I think you should buzz it. Call it the Bubba, or the Buda. With his hair so light and thin, it will not be as much of a change as you think. He will either look like a bad a** biker or a serene sage. and it is so low maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Well, of those options I like the Bozo best, since it has width. Just got to do something with the middle that works better. I suppose it's not coincidental that the Bozo is the closest to what I recommended--the Wizard's current style, the Bowl. It's cute on the Wizard, and he and Big look enough alike that I think it would be super-cute on Big, too.

The Laundry Queen said...

Okay, just a joke, by the way. Your answers are so serious, I must have failed at being funny.

Giving you a hard time, Martha. I hate the bowl cut. Thinking of buzzing it, but with the cold weather coming, I'm not so sure. Plus, I'm afraid it will make him look old.

Might just leave it as is for a while.

t0moo said...

As someone that's tried both extremes, buzz vs shoulder length, I recommend the buzz. I had it during the winters in Colorado. Just put a hat on - then you don't have any hair to mess up when you take the hat off.

Jen said...

I vote for "as is", though the 90210 is soooo tempting.