Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Big

Big had his 18 month appointment today. I am happy to announce that Big is still Big! He only weighed in at 28 pounds  (in the 80th percentile!), but his head size was 50 cm (95%) and his length was 34 3/4 inches (off the chart!). 

So, he is definitely thinning out (he only gained 3 oz. in the past 3 months), but is still a very Big boy overall. The good news is that he's happy and healthy. We were at the doctor's office for a very long time, which began to wear on Big-- especially since he knows what comes at the end.

Big kept announcing, "I'm done! I need suckit" and "Done, done! Want sucking!" He seems unable to say sucker with the -er ending, but that's okay because it's so much cuter this way. He finally got his "suckit" after an hour and a half! I should have given him two.

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