Saturday, June 28, 2008

After Cousins

After Bill, Jewel and kids left, Rophone and I hung outside for a while with Pen and Big. Pen took some photos with Rophone's little digital. Here are a few of the shots she took:

I took a few photos of Big, who I think we can now call a walker!  He still crawls most of the time, but could walk if he wanted to. I mean, he's good enough. It just depends on whether he's thinking about it or not. He's getting to be a good talker, too. Today he added "cheese" and a few more words to his ever expanding vocabulary. Man, he's fun!

This next picture is from before the cousins left.  Can you see what's in Big's hand?! Pizza! This is amazing to me! Just a few weeks ago he was ignoring food and showing pretty much no interest, and now he's holding a piece of pizza in his meaty paw and eating it-- on his own! Hooray! 

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Anonymous said...

Funny how Big changes so quickly from looking like Rophone to looking like you, depending on his expression and the angle. In that pizza shot, he definitely looks more like you.