Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yesterday morning the weather was just too perfect not to be outside (mid 60's and sunny), so we went.  I took my camera of course.  The kids have been having a great time outside this summer.  We seem to have become the gathering place for all of the neighbor kids, and since Rophone and I have decided we'd like to have our kids want to hang out here with their friends, I'm trying not to scare them off.

Staring at something (both Bud and Ginger have inherited their grandma's "staring gene"):

Big's looks are changing as he gets older, and he's really slimming down:

Waving to all who passed by (and yelling something, too!):

Biking, as usual. I'm afraid the helmet will become attached, but at least then she'll always be safe:

The "staring gene" again:

I really don't like roses.  Maybe it's because of their cloying smell, or because of the time I wrecked my bike right into a big rose bush... who knows!  Anyway, I feel no great love for them, but find myself surrounded by them.  The house we are living in now has multiple rose beds, all terribly overgrown.  Even though they need serious help, I feel no desire to count down however many branches or whatever to trim them back (I guess I just have no rose compassion--does that make me a bad person, or just a lover of tulips and gerber daisies?)  

I can't help admiring our roses from a distance, however.  With absolutely no help from me they are producing roses the neighbors comment on.  So, while we were outside yesterday, I decided to take photos of just a few of the colors and varieties my yard is sporting.

No matter what type the flower is, though, I do know that I enjoy them best (and longest) when they have not been uprooted or torn from their plant.  I'd prefer to have them in my yard than on my kitchen table!


Krista said...

I kind of feel the same way about roses but guess what?!? ... I planted 7 bushes in my yard!!! I can't blame a previous owner. I think they're gorgeous but I don't take care of them. I don't know how and really have no desire to learn. I don't even bring cuttings into my house. This year my stepdad pruned them all back for me. I'll have to have him come back every year.

Roses were my grandmothers favorite flower and as a little child my mom gave each daughter her own colored rose to follow a tradition started by her mother.

Klayman said...

Staring... Captain Cook who sailed more uncharted seas then any man was a starer. He would often stare for hours and then burst out with a brilliant tactical plan.