Saturday, June 7, 2008

Odds and Ends

My life has been pretty ho-hum the last few days, so I was glad to see this video yesterday.  It gave me a good laugh.  It also made me realize that even though Rophone purchased a video camera a couple of months ago we have yet to use it!  Here we have 4 kids that constantly do funny and amazing things and we're not trying to catch it on video.  I am still getting used to the freedom a nice digital camera gives me--I think a video camera is a little too new-fangled for my tastes.  

It took a long time for me to switch to digital, but the costs of film developing and my desire to burn a lot of film finally made me do it.  My Mom has always told me I should have been born in pioneer times.  I think I am happiest when camping, and if an electric can opener and a manual one are sitting side by side on the counter I'll pick the manual one every time.

Rophone was talking to our neighbor a few weeks ago and he told Rophone that it is costing him $1200. a month to fuel his truck.  $1200!!!  No wonder some people feel really slammed by the rising fuel costs. Each time the price of gas has risen since we found that out I think of him.  He owns a construction business and is seeing the cost of fueling all the trucks and other equipment really eat into his profit.  All of this just makes me want to move to some little wooded island somewhere or some little village in another country so I can just walk or ride my bike everywhere I go.  That's really more my style than all the gas guzzling vehicles, leaf blowers, snow blowers, ATV's etc.

I guess maybe I should have been born in pioneer times (did they have reality TV back then?).

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