Sunday, June 15, 2008


Thank goodness It's Father's Day!  Rophone is a great dad and the kids and I are so happy to have a day to show him how much we appreciate it!  After letting Rophone sleep in for a little while, the growling of all of our tummies demanded food, so I fixed the breakfast he requested.

It may not look very appetizing in the picture, but here is a nummy McLaundry Queen breakfast sandwich:

After breakfast, Rophone got to open his gifts.  He received a big gift from me last week (bass traps to help absorb bass sound in his mastering studio--exciting, I know!), so this morning he opened the little things the kids got him (Choxie dark chocolate espresso candy bar, Hot Tamales, Dark Chocolate Peanut M & M's, and new baseball hat and t-shirt).  Pen also made him a card that contained a coupon good for 15 hugs and kisses.  I was quite impressed with Bud's signature in the card from the kids--it was totally legible!  I had no idea he could write his name!  

After opening presents, I buzzed Rophone's hair.  Here is a brief pause with a fauxhawk before I finished the job:

We spent the afternoon and first part of the evening at Rophone's Dad's house.  It was a lot of fun, although exhausting following Big around and helping him go up and down the stairs over, and over, and over....phew!  I managed to tear my pinkie toenail off just a few minutes ago, but now all the kids are in bed, my feet are up and Rophone has the remote so (oh, crud!  Now Big is starting to fuss in his crib!  So much for that.)

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