Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ballet Day!

Today was Pen's first ballet class.  She was so excited!  I talked to Pen about how she'll be utilizing different muscles than she's used to, but not to get discouraged if it is hard at first. She's been waiting so long to take lessons, though, that I know it will take a lot more than a little muscle pain to make her quit.

Just before heading out the door:

When Pen came in the door I asked her how it was and she said, "It hurt!  But I loved it!"  She was in a great mood all day. Fine! has been making herself known lately, so I was happy to share the day with a gleeful Pen instead.  

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PhatNat said...

Elle has danced since she was three, and last year she dropped all the other styles to focus on ballet. She loves it, and it is a good portion of her life right now. How old is Penn? I hope she sticks with it!