Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Mind Fairy

Pen lost her first molar 3-4 days ago.  It is quite an event, so you'd think the tooth fairy would have remembered to stop by.  I feel rather bad about it, and told Pen that maybe the tooth fairy is just waiting for the next tooth to fall out (it is really quite loose) so she only has to make one trip.

The tooth fairy may not have come to visit, but someone else clearly has. I opened up my laptop to check my email this morning and found 10- $20 bills sitting on the keyboard.  That's $200!! I was quite shocked and amazed, I mean, I haven't even lost a tooth!  What could be worth receiving so much money?  And then I realized that there is only one thing I could have lost that could warrant such a large amount. I must have finally lost my mind.  

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Anonymous said...

This one had me chuckling out loud. Thanks.