Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chore Sticks

While I was cleaning the other day (okay, a few months ago--but that makes it sound like I haven't cleaned in a few months!), I realized that I am the only one in the family that has regular chores that I do on a regular basis. How sad!  So, I went to the craft store and bought some big colored craft sticks, and the kids and I collaborated to make ourselves some "chore sticks".

I allowed the kids to pick which chores to make sticks out of (well, I helped suggest a few), and then they wrote the chore "title" on one end of the stick and then a smiley face on the other. My hope was that if they were the ones picking the chores and making the sticks that they would be more likely to do them. They weren't allowed to put any "everyday" chores on the sticks-- ie. setting the table, clearing their dishes, cleaning their rooms, etc.  Pen had the grand idea of making some extra sticks that said, "hug", "kiss", and "compliment", to make doing the chores a little less arduous. 

So, today (even though we made the sticks months ago) the "chore sticks" finally made their debut!  They were a big hit, although Pen was supremely disappointed that she failed to pull a "compliment" stick out of the jar. Maybe next week.

I love having my kids help me, and if they do it with a minimum number of complaints it's even better. The best part of the morning for me came at the very end, when Pen was finishing dusting the tv and electronics. As she was moving some DVDs, she dropped a few onto her toes and I heard her mutter, "Stupid Toe Curse! Bud's toenail had better fall off soon.  I'm tired of this!" Too funny!


Lisa Marie said...

What a great idea. I used to have chore charts for my boys, but as soon as Alex was big enough, she kept tearing them down, and finally I just left them down. Their chore motivation has definitely been lacking ever since. I think I'll bring up the chore stick idea tomorrow, and see what they think. Thanks :)

t0moo said...

And don't forget a "stick of Ephriam" and "stick of Judah" for family Book of Mormon and Bible Study...