Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Long Afternoon

I took Bud to his appointment with the pediatric orthopedist on Monday afternoon.  All told, including drive time to and from the children's hospital, we were gone for 4 hours.  I am so glad Auntie Art could come hang with the other kids (thanks, Auntie Art!) or it might have been a nightmare.

The doctor we saw (eventually) was great, and being able to take necessary x-rays right there in the office was fantastic (instead of the typical, "let's send you for these x rays and then you can come back when we have the results" kind of thing).  I am just glad that someone finally treated me like my concerns are warranted and believes as I do that the cluster of symptoms Bud has exhibited off and on are related.  

I have tried to talk to both of Bud's pediatricians about his recurring limp, hump on one side of his back and his frequent tremors.  But since the limp wasn't constant and never seemed to occur when we went to the doctor, it's hard to get a kid to hold still to get a clear view of his spine, and they were sure his tremors were probably just due to excitement, etc., no one seemed overly motivated to look into it further.  It was finally this last time the limp recurred and was around for longer that I pushed a little.  

Bud's regular pediatrician saw him for his well-child check and once again didn't try too hard to evaluate his limp (which he actually had!) or his hump (I make him sound like Quasimodo!).  I guess it's lucky for me that he picked up croup on that visit and we had to go back later in the week, because the doctor we ended up seeing got the ball in motion and sent us for some original x-rays and I think convinced Bud's regular doctor to send us to the specialist.  Even when she called me to tell me where she wanted us to go she made some muttering comment like, "I sure didn't see much of a limp to worry about".  (Does anyone have advice about how to switch to another pediatrician in her practice without it being too awkward?  I have wanted to almost from the first time we saw her, but we keep getting steered back in her direction!)

Anyway, when they took the x-rays of Bud's back on Monday I felt some sense of justification when I saw the clearly evident curve of Bud's spine, but also dismay that I had been correct. I was also happy when the specialist agreed that the cluster of symptoms were a bit worrisome (finally!  Someone who sees the big picture!), but of course felt worry that the curve of his spine might be causing problems.  So, the next step is an MRI, for which they'll have to put him out--hopefully that will let us know what is going on.  It will at least help us know what other tests to do or steps to take.  It is all a bit worrisome, but I am glad to know, and am glad I finally pushed for what I knew should be done.  

Waaay cuter than Quasimodo:

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