Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taking One for the Team

Tonight was Ginger's second baseball game of the season. She's got the total package--throws right, bats left... now if she could just develop a little bit of that killer instinct! Actually, I love watching Ginger play sports. There is no embarrassment at failures, no disappointment at a loss (in fact, she never even pays attention to who wins or loses). She just exhibits pure enjoyment at playing the game no matter the outcome. She always focuses on and is happy about the things she did well and completely brushes off the other. I learn a lot watching Ginger.

One thing I learned while looking at this picture, but didn't notice at the time, is that she is holding the bat in a right-handed grip. We'll have to take care of that tomorrow.

Love the slogan on the back of their shirts (have the Land O' Frost folks never tasted their own product?  I most certainly hope they're not teaching these kids that it's okay to lie!):

Looking sooo alive out there:

A little more alert:

Now that's more like it!

Ginger alternated between just watching the balls roll by to "diving"' on them and blocking them with gusto:

I'm glad that we finally have the kids involved in sports again. It helps with making friends and provides the whole family with a lot of enjoyment. I must say, the most enjoyable (and funny!) moment tonight was when Rophone took one for the team while he was acting as first base coach. Did he get hit by the ball, you ask? No, but a lovely bird flying above dropped a gift on the top of his head! Hilarious!

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Holly said...

cute pics! looks like a perfect summer afternoon.