Friday, June 6, 2008

Future Foodie

Something finally clicked in Big's noggin this week regarding food. In the past when a food was put on his tray he would just look at it, or maybe pick it up and feel it with his fingers before dropping it and then acting like it was not there. Then he progressed to occasionally sticking a bite in his mouth, only to spit it right back out again. Even feeding him baby food has always been a struggle. I know it's hard to believe, but Big's size is not due to a love of people food (don't go thinking dog food--it's not that either!).

What a difference a day makes. Suddenly he is trying whatever we put on his tray, and even likes some of it! As much as I love our time together, I am now seeing a future with a little more freedom (and maybe singing fewer renditions of "I'm a Little Teapot" to get him to open his mouth).  While it makes me happy, it also makes me a little sad.  Big is getting big.

He is looking so old:

I expected Big to look a little more like this on his Birthday:

Looking at a bird outside:

Just too cute:

Big is also turning into quite the climber now that he is getting more steady on his feet. I was a huge climber as a kid and I jumped off pretty much anything I climbed. I hope Big is a little more careful than I was, he doesn't need a gray and dead front tooth like I had (my landings weren't super successful, I guess). It's kind of funny that Bud looks like me but is cautious like Rophone, and Big looks like Rophone....well, you get it.

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