Monday, August 4, 2008

Big Beach Love

Since this was Big's first beach experience, I decided he deserves a post all his own. The moment he saw the water and sand he fell in love with a big, "Woah". Being with Big at the beach was so different than being there 2 years ago when Bud was the same age. Bud was a little nervous around the water, so Rophone and I were able to sit and relax while he played nearby. 

Not so with Big. He ran (well, tottered) straight for the water, repeatedly! At first we thought we would have to cut our beach time short because of the effort involved in keeping him safe. 

Luckily, Rophone was able to redirect Big's interest toward the little stream that cut through the beach. It was pretty shallow and without any of the crazy currents of the ocean. Much better.

Big was still on the go almost the whole time we were there, though. Thanks, Rophone, for tagging along after him so I could take pictures!

While looking through these pictures with me, my sister, Martha, announced "Big looks like a dwarf!" Admittedly, the fact that I have to put him in size 2 clothing due to girth (while his height is relatively normal) might lend to this perception...but, can you believe she said such a thing? (okay, those of you who know Martha need not answer--the question is rhetorical) I mean, DWARF?!! Anyone who knows anything and has any politically correct bone in his or her body knows the term is Little Person!

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