Friday, August 29, 2008


Big can't seem to decide whether he is right or left handed, so we made sure he had a mitt to go either way. For a mitt lover like himself, what he experienced here was pure heaven:

I think it's quite possible that in this picture he is actually smelling the leather and blissfully sighing:

Now that's a happy boy!

Bud was looking cute in his new shirt as he hung out with us:

Bud sure does love his brother:

Bud, giving Big a kiss on his freshly shorn head....

and getting a hair in his mouth in the process:

It sure is a lot quieter around here during the day now that the girls are back in school. It's kind of weird....but awfully nice!


Anonymous said...

I was thinking how much thinner Big's face is getting, but then next to Bud it doesn't look so skinny after all!

Did you just buy those mitts? Otherwise how would you get a lefty's mitt?

The Laundry Queen said...

Just bought the lefty mitt, had the other already. Big's face is skinny...for him!

Lisa Marie said...

LOL. I love the one of him "smelling" the sweet aroma of the mitts :) Awesome.