Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cone Discovered

Recently, Big has discovered the joy of eating an ice cream cone. What is it about eating a cone that causes such pure, unadulterated joy? Have you ever seen someone that looked sad while eating an ice cream cone (not counting those kids who dumped their scoop on the ground, of course)? Even I, not a big sweets eater, am occasionally drawn to partake, and I enjoy every minute of it.

The best part about a cone is that there are no rules when it comes to eating it. The ways to eat a cone are as varied as..... (couldn't think of much original-- stars in the sky definitely isn't new, dimples on my thigh isn't very appetizing...well, you get the idea!)

Those who are in a rush may nibble the ice cream with either teeth (if they're tough) or lips. These folks don't even have to worry about catching wayward drips on the sides of the cone with their tounges--there isn't time for any melting to be done.

The more unhurried partakers lick the cone 'round and 'round with a flattened tongue, maybe even making a skinny mountain that reaches to the sky until pushed down flat again by that same tongue that built it, only for the whole process to begin again.

Some of the more adventurous eaters poke holes with pointed tongues or surround the whole cone with their mouths and pull the ice cream into an impossibly long and squiggly peak with their pursed lips, and the peak stands for only a brief moment before being bitten off or folding back down upon itself. 

As a kid, my little brother, Rib, would always bite the end off of his cone and then turn it back upright to eat the ice cream while his lap collected the steady drips out of the bottom end. 

No matter how we choose to eat our ice cream cones, there is joy to be found for all!

Here is Big, loving his cone:

He was doing great, until he decided to test it on the back of his hand--as though he was trying to find just the right shade of lipstick for his skin color:

Go eat a cone and enjoy!

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