Friday, August 22, 2008

Park Play

After dinner tonight, Rophone had the grand idea of taking the kids to the park to play. We took the kids to a park that we had driven by many times, but never gone to. The most amazing and wonderful thing about this park (and very unusual for around here) is that it is SHADY! We all had a lot of fun. Get ready for lots of pictures!

Bud spent most of the time we were there climbing inside this tubular slide:

A band was playing in the park, and here Big is keeping time on the post with his "bap":

Ginger is such an imp:

Big has had a terrible week. He reacted terribly to his chicken pox vaccination (see the pox on his face?) and has had a fever all week that finally just broke today.

Big's gums are bulging with two emerging molars, too, so high fever + sore gums = he hasn't eaten much. After 3 days of pretty much no food, I finally brought out the "big guns" (as it were) and nursed him. So, it looks like we're back on the nursing wagon for a few days and then I'll start my medication again.

Pen is so cool (really!):

Ginger, watching her sister on the "zip line":

All of the kids tried this slide (yes, it's as bumpy as it looks--ouch!) and proclaimed it "not fun":

The underside:

It was a lot of fun--thanks Rophone for being motivated! Pen has been see-sawing between Pen and Fine! so quickly these days that I can't keep track, or possibly know who to expect. Add in the fact that Ginger is turning into What-ever! with increasing regularity....let's just say that a pleasant evening in the park, with a minimum of attitude, was much needed.


Pete Pages said...

What's this about the chicken pox? He got a couple after getting the shot? I'm sorry about the fever...bummer.

The Laundry Queen said...

Some kids can react with fever, orneriness, a few pox, etc. up to 21 days after the vaccine or something. It most commonly occurs 7-10 days afterward (one week for Big). He is my first kid to react this way, and has been miserable!

Anonymous said...

I think Big needs some shorter shorts--you know, ones that actually show a little bit of his cute legs!

Lisa Marie said...

We have some of those slides at our park! What is up with those? The kids in our neighborhood all use them to climb up rather than slide down, because they're just ridiculously uncomfortable. Can they really be meant for a downward descent?