Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Plays Ball

Big is obsessed with balls and playing ball. He loves balls in all shapes and sizes, and he loves the mitts (he calls them malls) and bats (he calls them baps) that come along with it. He doesn't care if it's a football, baseball, golfball (or head!)--if it looks like a ball, he loves to hit it with a "bap". 

Lately, Big has adopted a Dora the Explorer gardening glove of Bud's as his "mall" (it must be a combination of mitt and ball). It's super cute, except for when he pulls the glove off periodically and wants me to wipe the sweat off his hand! 

Here are a few pictures (not great, the lighting was bad) of Big playing catch with his "mall" on:

If you ever happen to be in the same room with Big and a ball, play catch with him. He'd love it!

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