Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Love Sesame Street

I am so glad that Sesame Street chooses to include humor for the parental viewers! Telly cracks me up! He and Baby Bear just heard the sound of a motorcycle coming from a book, and Telly's guess at what the sound might be was that "it's a herd of lactose intolerant antelope who just ate cottage cheese"! Awesome! How would I make it through my day without it?!

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Pete Pages said...

Loved Sesame Street (was it only yesterday?) when they had a spoof on "Indiana Jones" and "Minnesota Mel" was looking for the "Golden Triangle of Destiny." the boys loved it and I even recorded it and played it back for Rob. Now I'm planning to do something like that (hunt for various shapes) for Hewitt's b-day party (I was already planning to do something "Indy" themed as he sings the music and talks about it all day).