Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day

I can't believe it, but the first day of school is here again. One part of me says HOORAY! (admittedly the larger part), while another part of me is kind of bummed--the part that will miss the girls and doesn't want to have to start the whole routine again. The house sure was a lot quieter today, with a lot fewer problems to solve. Nice.

Big was happy to get back to the routine that was his life before summer began. As we were headed out the door this morning he kept grinning and saying, "Go, go, 'cool". He loves getting out every morning, even if it's just for the short drive to the school and back. He sure did miss the extra attention he had become used to receiving throughout the day, though, and was glad when the girls reappeared in the afternoon.

Here is a picture of the girls just before we headed for school (really early! It's funny how for the first little while I can't make them wait until it's time to head out the door, and later I can't get them out the door on time!):

They arrived home just as happy, which is a good sign, but much more wilted looking. It was in the upper 90's today, and they had to spend the day in a school without air conditioning and then walk home, too! 

Heat stroke is something I worry about, especially when I see how full their water bottles still are when they get home. I don't know how any learning gets done in such heat all day, either. I couldn't even sit still and focus during back-to-school night! I think we'll all be happy when it cools off.

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