Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to the Northwest

In one of my previous posts about our trip, I mentioned that you should look for pictures from the ferry ride we took while visiting my cousin, Herbie. I also noticed a few pictures from the day at the farmer's market (located right on the Puget Sound) that I forgot to post.

Here is a picture of the family with some boats and the Capitol in the distance. I just love Pen's glowing blue teeth from her sno-cone:

I love this picture of the older kids. It's great the way Ginger and Posy are checking out Ducky being gangsta':

Believe it or not, I actually forgot to take my camera on the ferry. So, I borrowed Herbie's camera and snapped a few. The idea was to try and get a good photo of Herbie's wife, Cat, but since it's her camera, well, I seem not to have gotten those by email with the rest. You'll just have to see her in the group shot at the end.

It was overcast and cool (perfect NW weather!), and once the ferry started moving the wind really picked up. The kids loved it!

I didn't get (or post) pictures of all of the kids, but here's The Divine Miss M:

The Divine Miss M with Herbie:

Tally, looking cute:

Here's a picture of the whole gang (well, minus Herbie, he took the picture). Notice Cat on the far left, and also make note of the huge grin on Big's face. Big loved the ferry ride and was on the go the whole time (which is why I didn't post a picture of him--he wasn't still very often, and in the one picture I managed to get he had a booger in his nose. Nice!)

Just to say it again...we had a great time with our NW cousins! I was glad to get to spend time with Herbie. I still have a bunch of the letters he sent me when we were kids--they have about 10 words per page. Awesome! We laughed a lot and learned a lot, it couldn't have been better!

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