Friday, August 22, 2008

Pen's Glasses

After getting my glasses I began to suspect something. Now that I could see things clearly, I started to realize that Pen quite possibly couldn't. I didn't notice what she couldn't see before, because I couldn't either! Anyway, I took Pen to the eye doctor a few weeks ago and this is the result (we were so excited to pick them up this morning that we forgot about the Primary party, oops!):

None of the kid glasses looked right on her (they were all wire framed, the wrong shape for her face), so we started looking at smaller sized adult frames and were lucky enough to find these (I'm kind of jealous! I wish they looked good on me!). I think they're perfect. 

We wanted Pen to feel good about how she looks in glasses so that she won't be so self conscious to start school next week. I think she looks super cute, and you can tell that she does, too. Mission accomplished.


t0moo said...


They look great! Hope they help you see great too.


Anonymous said...

LOVE THEM! I guess it just goes to follow, from all that reading. Don't forget to take them off when you're reading, Pen!! It's important to help keep your eyes strong for close up.

Lisa Marie said...

She looks FABULOUS! Really, I've never seen a kid look as incredibly cute and sophisticated in glasses as she does! :)

Pete Pages said...

I agree, very cute glasses on a gorgeous girl. Will kids at school even know who is with the specs AND new hair style?