Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Even More Beach

I am a little disappointed in my photography since I got my glasses. Having my eye less close to the viewfinder is affecting my framing a bit. I guess I need to get used to it. Anyway, here are some photos from our last day at the beach. I had a hard time getting any of Pen, because she spent the whole time in the water with her back to me, but got plenty of the other kids.

Bud really had a great time. He looks like a little surfer kid in his rash guard:

Big was getting tired:

Brothers, hanging out:

Ginger, in mid-air again:

I actually got quite a few photos of Pen, but they all looked like this:

Here is cousin, Newton, jumping the waves, too:

Are you tired of the photos, yet? Well, go get a drink and visit the restroom because there are plenty more!

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t0moo said...

Hey, keep posting more pictures!