Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bud's Feminine Side

You can tell that Bud is a boy with 2 older (and very girlie) sisters. While on vacation we bought Bud a new pair of Converse high-top sneakers. They're bright red and Bud absolutely loves them.

At first he would call them "high-heeled sneakers", now he calls them "high-heeled-top sneakers". Tonight, as I was putting on his shoes to go to Rophone's softball game, Bud said, "I love my high-heeled-top sneakers. I wish they were high-heeled boots!" 

He's definitely in touch with his feminine side, just like his dad. Makes for a good husband.

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Bob & Peg said...

Lars had red ones, Sig had pink ones! I love that Bud has some!! Hope you have had a great summer...see you soon at school