Friday, August 15, 2008


I have always wanted to be creative. Rophone has always sworn that I am creative, but too anal and uptight to let it emerge. Maybe that's true--I know I have always been afraid to make mistakes and therefore often don't make an attempt. 

I know that I am hopelessly uncreative in many areas, but I'd like to think that there are a few things that I could possibly do with some creativity. I think that, perhaps, I have shown glimmers of creativity from time to time, but it often slips out of reach again.

I would love to be creative with photography, but I don't know if I can. Give me a person and a camera and I can come up with a good shot .... usually ..... eventually, but I don't know that I can take artistic or creative photos. (Rophone would most likely tell me that it's just my own critical nature and view of the things that I do that doesn't allow me to see what I can do or have done, I'm sure. He's good that way.)

I think that I have had moments with this blog where I have written creatively, and even been a bit funny at times (well, I laugh, anyway!). But right now....nothing. Blah. It's not that funny things haven't happened (Bud said the funniest thing the other day, but it had the potential to make my more conservative readers blush, so I decided not to post it). I just don't seem to have the ability at the moment to be captivating/intriguing/funny or whatever. I feel boring when I write.

What a complainer I am! I should be grateful for the things I can do! I can cook with a recipe, I can color in the lines (I rock at staying in the lines! Being anal is good for something, see!), I am a good driver...anyway, just ignore all the stuff I mentioned above. I'll work it all out. I'll unlock that creativity one of these days, and manage to lock it out of the place it always tries to sneak back to, so watch out! 


Anonymous said...

That last paragraph makes you sound a little Rainman-ish. See

Lisa Marie said...

I find you incredibly creative, Miss Laundry Queen. I don't believe that anyone lacking in creativity could comprise posts like yours. But, if you're feeling too tightly wound, nothing unlocks creativity like an art fair. We had one in Silverton this last weekend, and everything was so inspiring!