Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Usually Like Baked Goods

Well, we're back from vacation. Sigh. It is about 12:20 am, and although I know I should be getting in bed, I need just a few minutes to unwind from the long car ride.

You may remember that due to our water heater problems that occurred just before the trip, we decided to leave the windows open and turn off the air while we were gone to dry the place out a bit. The temperatures were really high while we were gone, so I was looking forward to returning to a fresher smelling house.

Unfortunately, one of the kids (who shall remain nameless) left a little gift in the master bathroom toilet that went unnoticed in our rush to get out the door (I checked to make sure the stove was off, the doors were I will never leave to go on vacation without checking this one more thing!). Anyway, it baked and baked in the heat in our absence. Lovely present to find upon return--not exactly the fresh smell I was hoping for.

I'm sure that at this moment you probably wish that I had waited to post until after a good night's sleep, because I'm sure you're thinking I would have thought twice about writing about this....well, too bad. Tomorrow I will post some much more pleasant things as I blog about our trip. We didn't have steady internet access while we were away, but my camera worked the whole time--so get ready! 


Pete Pages said...

Sorry about the surprise upon your return... glad to have you back. I've been checking your blog for more photos.

Lisa Marie said...

Don't you love those extra little surprises? Frankly, I think it was very thoughtful of the nameless child to leave it for you- a kind of "welcome home (and back to reality)" present :)