Monday, August 4, 2008

First Beach

We arrived at the coast too late on Sunday night to do much of anything, so we first traipsed to the beach on Monday around midday with the older kids. My sister, Martha, stayed at the beach house with Big and Cindy Lou so they could nap. The weather was beautiful, about as good as you can ever hope to find on the Oregon coast.

Here is a picture from the deck of the house we were staying at. The kitchen and living areas were just inside and sported a wall of windows, so this was our view while we were there (sheer torture!):

The 3 older kids (Newton, Ginger and Pen) dipped their feet in immediately upon our arrival at the beach:

Bud opted to flirt with the waves instead:

I love coming to the coast, because it always makes Pen smile like this:

Ginger shlepped so much water, I'm surprised her little arms didn't fall off:

Newton seems to be having a grand time:

Bud, taking a break:

All of the kids really had a blast, except the Wizard, that is. He alternated between trying to have a good time (he knew he was supposed to like it), and doing a pretty good job of it... failing miserably and not enjoying it at all. Here, he was upset because he wanted to take his shoes off like the other kids, but didn't want his bare feet to touch the sand (quite the conundrum!):

We went back to the beach later that day (with Big in tow, although the Wizard opted out), so I will post about that next. Get ready for lots more photos!

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t0moo said...

I see something VERY wrong with all these pictures. When you go to a beach, you're supposed to actually go in the water and get wet, not wear 2-3 layers of clothing to stay warm. If you want a real beach experience, come farther south where the real beaches are...